Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Another pincushion ready for adoption... !

Here's a little pincushion which I think you'll enjoy. I have named it:
"...just chillin'..."

You might ask why I named it "...just chillin'..." Well, this little bear looked so comfortable and enjoying his rest in the middle of the woods... the name was so fitting, that it stuck... :0)
This pincushion is now ready to be adopted through Bear Pile by clicking on the link below:

Monday, 28 January 2013

New bunny pincushion: "Kali"

Happy New year...!

Yes, I know, I left it a bit late, but the month of January has come and gone so fast I haven't had the chance to blink.

Well... you'll be relief to know Garry (my hubby) has recuperated quite well after the big scare in early December. He had a defibrillator placed in his chest to regulate his heart, and he's currently attending rehab classes to get him strong again. Thank you all for the warm and caring emails and prayers you've been sending us. They kept us going from day to day. Thank you...!!! xxx
On another note...
I have also been keeping myself busy and I'm delighted to introduce to you my latest bunny pincushion named:

She can be adopted through Bear Pile by clicking on the link below: