Saturday, 25 June 2011

Amber, the giraffe pincushion pattern is here!!!

Well... here she is in all her glory... "Amber", the giraffe pincushion.
Yes, this is my new pattern which will be available this Monday.
She took her time to be here, but I think the wait made her even more desirable... :0))
She’s about 18 cm/7 inches tall by herself, and 22.5 cm/9” tall with pincushion.
Made from long Sassy fur, mohair and ultra suede, she’s been painted and airbrushed with Copic markers.
She’s got wonderful long eyelashes, framed with eyelids.

Be one of the first to make her...!!
Just email me with your order at
And don’t forget to check my other patterns by browsing through my website:

Monday, 20 June 2011

My little "Honey Bear"

Yes.. here I am again, showing you another creation, which I must say I'm thrilled to bits with it... :0)
His name is "Honey Bear", and of course, he has a small wooden pot of honey with him.... but you see... the pot is almost empty, and I know where the rest of it is... look at his tummy! Yep! He's quite full.. :0)))
But now he's looking for more, as he says: '... you can't ever have enough honey...!'

Well, maybe there's someone out there who would like to help Honey Bear to find more honey.
This precious little bear is ready now to be adopted, so if you'd like to get more information, see more photos and find out how to adopt him, please go to my website:

Hope to hear from you soon.
Bear hugs,

Friday, 17 June 2011

Catching up

Hello again... :0)
Sorry I haven't written earlier, but I've had a migraine for the last couple of days and not feeling up to doing anything crafty... even though I had started on the giraffe pincushion pattern, which is still sitting on my studio bench... :0(
I promise I'll get it finished as soon as I can open my eyes without squinting... :0)

Hope you're having fun creating new things... and if you have the chance, send me photos of anything you're making. I would love to see them.. :0))

Bear hugs,

Monday, 13 June 2011

Presenting Ragamuffin

I've had a couple of bad days dealing with my internet server, as my email was blocked and I could not email or reply to anyone's email.
Apparently my server blocked me because their system thought I was sending spam. I have close to 600 customers, friends and family around the world, whom I have to notify whenever I have new patterns or creations to adopt. To make a story short, I might not be able to send notification emails from now on, so you'll have to check my blog or website more often to see if I have something new to offer.
Sorry about this... I'm now looking into changing servers and see if there's another company that will cater to my needs.

Jumping to another subject, I have been having fun with another little bear called "Ragamuffin":

Ragamuffin is about 23cm or 9 inches tall and made from very sparse vintage mohair fur.
Fully double jointed with discs and cotter pins. She's been filled with glass beads, garnet powder and polyester filling... her weight feels great.. :0)
She's been heavily sculpted and airbrushed to give her that sweet look on her face.
Ragamuffin wears a ruffled collar and a bouquet of velvet flowers on her head. She has a rusty old key and a tiny bronze fob watch around her neck... so she can count the minutes till she finds her new home and give her new owner the key to her heart... :0)))

Please visit my website to see more photos and find out her adoption price:

Saturday, 11 June 2011

A new look for "Lady Marianne"

Hello again... :0)

I've received quite a few comments about my 'Lady Marianne" pincushion, letting me know they all loved it, but that poor little Marianne's outfit and great looks were getting lost in such a busy ensemble (if you can't remember what she looked like, here's an early photo of her and her pincushion ensemble):

Well... I've decided to take her off that 'busy' scenery and make her a new tiny base, so she could show her great looks all by herself.. :0)
What do you think???

I have also added a tiny lace purse with gold trims and a black lace parasol to her accessories: 

If you'd like to see more photos of her and adoption price, please visit my website:

Bear hugs,

Thursday, 9 June 2011

New bunny pincushion - presenting "Floppy Feet"

Well, no one can say I don't work hard.. :0)

I little while back I was approached by my close friend Patti, also known as the owner of 'Kacoonda Threads', to make a project using their wonderful hand dyed silk ribbons, wool felts and threads.
The results speak for themselves... little "Floppy Feet" was born from them.


She a beautiful little bunny which is seated on a colourful embroidered pincushion.
The pincushion measures 15cm (6") tall from the base to the tip of the bunny's head.

If you'd like to purchase this kit, please contact "Kacoonda Threads" by sending an email at: or call Patti on this mobile number 0448 444 474

Bear hugs,

Romeo has found a new home

Yes... it's true... I'm so happy for him... but I'm so sad to let him go... :0(((
He has been admired by all the girls at the Bayswater post office centre.
You should have heard the ooohs and aaahs Romeo got!!
He almost didn't get back to his box to be sent to his new home here in Melbourne!!!
Only kiddn't Megan... :0))))

I would have loved to keep him a little longer, but I know he's gone to a wonderful home now, and who knows! I might pop up and visit him one day... :0)))

Oh well... time for me to get back to my studio. Keep your eyes on this spot, as I have another little beauty coming out soon...!

Bear hugs,

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Presenting "Romeo"

My little panda is finished! .... Yeah!!!
I have tossed and turned thinking of a name for him.
Nothing seem to come to mind... I even asked my husband to help me with the task at hand.
Garry looked at him.... and after considering his words he said to me: '... Not a name comes to mind, but I know he's going to be a heart breaker...'
Hmmmm.... when he said that, two names flashed before my eyes: 'Romeo' and 'Valentino'.
So 'Romeo' stuck... :0)))

He's abut 20cm or 9 inches tall and made from very long, hand-dyed sparse Sassy fur.
Fully jointed with discs and T pins. He's been filled with glass beads, garnet powder and polyester filling... his weight feels great.. :0)
He's been heavily sculpted and airbrushed to give him that endearing look on his face.
Romeo wears a ruffled collar decorated with velvet flowers and has a rusty old key around his neck... the one he will use to open and get into your heart with... :0)))

His adoption price is $295 AUD + $10 shipping cost anywhere in the world.
Please email me at to find out more about this little heartbreaker... :0)

Bear hugs,

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

"Lady Bella Heartwell" has been adopted!!!

Just a quick note to let you know "Lady Bella Heartwell" has been adopted.
She's going to live in Texas, USA, where the weather is warmer than freezing Melbourne, Australia... :0)
I'm sure she'll be admired by everyone she'll meet... :0)
Thank you Vickie!!!

Love and hugs,

Ps; I almost forgot!! I'm now working on a beautiful sweet panda bear, who right now hasn't got a gender... but I'm sure it will let me know by the time it's finished... :0)
Keep your eyes glued to this blog... !

Monday, 6 June 2011

"Lady Bella Heartwell" is finished and ready to be adopted!!!

Well... here she is... Lady Bella Heartwell..!
What do you think of her?

She's all lady, measuring only 13cm or just over 5 inches tall (not counting her hat feather).
Made from long Sassy fur and only jointed at the arms.
Her face had been meticulously sculpted, trimmed and airbrushed.
She has tiny gold and pearl drop earrings and pearl with Swarovski crystal bead necklace.

She wears A tulle petticoat...

... a rosewood pink and black chantilly lace dress

...trimmed with rosewood and black silk ribbon, decorated with a gold and pearl tinny brooch at the front.

She also has a petite purse made from black silk material, cotton lace, a gold chain handle and an antique filigree trim.

Her hat has been made from black silk fabric, trimmed with rosewood pink silk ribbon, black spotted tulle, emu feathers and several silk and velved tiny flowers

She has the most beautiful long eyelashes

If you would like to know a little more about this dainty little victorian lady, please email me at

Bear hugs,

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Update on "Lady Bella Heartwell"

I started working on Bella early this morning, and made some progress mainly on her hat, which is now finished. Take a look:

The photos below are of Bella from hat to footpads (you can't see it here, but she even has a black tulle petticoat...!

As you can see I still have to attach her arms to her body , add eyelashes to her eyes, make a little purse and maybe a parasol... but I'm still debating about a long fancy chain necklace or a short pearl chocker... and tiny pearl stud earrings...!!

Will post more photos as soon as she's ready.