Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I'm baaaack...!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I’m back, ready to work and bury my head into my little world of bears again.. :0)

I have missed my comfort zone, my routine, hubby and certainly my three little bundles of fur: Leeloo, BJ and Bella.. :0)))

Where would we be without their doggy love...!

I have now re-opened my Etsy shop, so don’t miss out on getting the last of the bear clothes I have listed, as well as the vintage patterns for $10...!!!
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Kays Kids said...

Mon your dogs are wonderful. Have you ever tried to have them model for you.
May be we will see one soon!!!!!

Lyn said...

Welcome back from where ever you have been:o)) Lovely pic of the gang and it looks like they enjoy posing, show off's LOL!
Take care now and have a good day.
Big hugs Lyn x