Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A visit to my doctor

I have to tell you what happened today...
After dropping off some parcels at the post office, I had my doctor’s appointment, and because the girls at reception had never seen my dolls before, I thought of taking my latest reborn doll (“Little Angel”) to show them.

Well...!!! I think everyone stoped working... even the patients in the waiting room came to see my baby... :0)

I’ve had such a wonderful reaction from not just the ladies, but the men as well... !

When it was my turn to see the doctor, they were reluctant to give her back to me, but after a little persuasion (like... ‘I have to take her in so the doctor can give her her first check up’), they let me have her back.

Once in the examining room, my doctor was also amazed at her likeness to the real thing, he even picked her up and checked all her veining, and hair... and of course, felt how heavy she was in his arms. He cradle her like a real baby, giving her a pat or two on her toosh... :0)))

I came out of the doctor’s room and I assured everyone the doctor had giving my baby a clean bill of health... LOL

It was so rewarding... all the hours I put painting and rooting her hair paid off.

Well, just had to share that with you as I thought it was quite amusing... :0)

It’s time for me to say goodnight, and hope tomorrow will be as good to me as it was today..!

Love and hugs,



Moz said...

Your sweet little one is adorable. I'm sure many people would be shocked to know the little angel does not breathe! She is sooo real and so adorable. You can be proud of your exceptional work, as always.
Many hugz

Kays Kids said...

I'm glad your little baby is well with no health problems. Any one would love your babies Mon.

Lyn said...

Good job and so nicely done:o)) I can just imagine the reaction you got with her in the doctors.
Take care and have a good day.
Big hugs Lyn x