Saturday, 9 July 2011

"Andy" has finally arrived!!!!!

Hi everyone,

As you know, since early June, when I made "Annie", I was delighted to show her around, and see how many people have made her from the pattern I've designed.
BUT!... I've realised that Annie didn't look happy... in fact, now that I think but it, she looked at me as if asking: '... aren't you forgeting something...?'.
Well.... I knew I had to do something about that, so I put my thoughts together and came up with Annie's counterpart... "Andy"... :0)

I'm now happy to report that Annie is delighted about her companion and I think Andy is also very taken by her beauty. So much so, that he has borrowed a book from the library to learn how to ask Annie to be his Valentine!!!!

I think he's now in the process of whispering sweet nothings in her ear... he-he-he... :0))))

Let me know if you'd like to purchase this pattern, and/or Annie's by sending me an email

You can get a bit more information about this pattern by visiting my website:

Hope to hear from you soon!!!
Bear hugs,


Leny said...

Love them!


wesliane said...

I adore. what a great idea to make beautiful raggedy bear

Anonymous said...

learned a lot

NarinaNäpertää said...

Oh my.. They are SO ADORABLE and CUTE!!

Love them (^^)