Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bargain prices for PDF patterns...!!!!!

I've recently had a look at the patterns I have designed since I started creating bears and other critters. I know that most of you might have them in their stash, but anyone who's only known me for the past few years might have missed out on the early ones, which I don't print anymore.
So, I've decided to bring them back and list them on my Etsy shop:

These patterns are available now for $10 each and in PDF format, so whoever wants to get a bargain and get them over an email within a few hours (sometime minutes!) after paying for them, go to my blog NOW... and don't miss out!!!

I'll be adding more in the next few days.

Bear hugs,


wesliane said...

super nouvelle

LeanneK said...

I just bought 5!! Thanks Monica