Friday, 22 July 2011

Another baby... :0)))

Yes, I know... you're probably thinking, where are the bears, right?!!
I finished Savannah and had another doll which I started 6 months ago... I only had to do her hair, so I thought I might as well finish her and see how she'd turn up like.

The results are this "Little Angel"

"Little Angel" is now ready to be adopted. She will come with both outfits and little toys.
Her adoption price is $475 AUD + postage.
Please email me to find out more about her:

If you'd like to see more photos of "Little Angel", please click on the link below:

Bear hugs,


Kays Kids said...

She is a real angel, she looks as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. A beautiful baby!

Connie Hindmarsh said...

I love this little beauty. I'm really not sure it is a doll because she looks so real. Monica is the most wonderful artist.

i_anosova said...

Expensive Monica.
It is more than delight!
This doll the PRESENT CHILD!
You the FAIRY of dolls and bears, and everything that caresses heart!

i_anosova said...

I want to tell that the Angel the live kid.
The translator has written a gift to children. As it is difficult not to know English language.......

LeanneK said...

Just beautiful Monica, your talent knows no end.