Thursday, 9 June 2011

Romeo has found a new home

Yes... it's true... I'm so happy for him... but I'm so sad to let him go... :0(((
He has been admired by all the girls at the Bayswater post office centre.
You should have heard the ooohs and aaahs Romeo got!!
He almost didn't get back to his box to be sent to his new home here in Melbourne!!!
Only kiddn't Megan... :0))))

I would have loved to keep him a little longer, but I know he's gone to a wonderful home now, and who knows! I might pop up and visit him one day... :0)))

Oh well... time for me to get back to my studio. Keep your eyes on this spot, as I have another little beauty coming out soon...!

Bear hugs,


Kays Kids said...

Atrue Romeo, wooing all the girls at the post office. I'm sure he will woo his new mum as well. I loved him.

i_anosova said...

О! what charm!

wesliane said...


Monica Spicer said...

Merci beaucoup!!