Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Presenting "Romeo"

My little panda is finished! .... Yeah!!!
I have tossed and turned thinking of a name for him.
Nothing seem to come to mind... I even asked my husband to help me with the task at hand.
Garry looked at him.... and after considering his words he said to me: '... Not a name comes to mind, but I know he's going to be a heart breaker...'
Hmmmm.... when he said that, two names flashed before my eyes: 'Romeo' and 'Valentino'.
So 'Romeo' stuck... :0)))

He's abut 20cm or 9 inches tall and made from very long, hand-dyed sparse Sassy fur.
Fully jointed with discs and T pins. He's been filled with glass beads, garnet powder and polyester filling... his weight feels great.. :0)
He's been heavily sculpted and airbrushed to give him that endearing look on his face.
Romeo wears a ruffled collar decorated with velvet flowers and has a rusty old key around his neck... the one he will use to open and get into your heart with... :0)))

His adoption price is $295 AUD + $10 shipping cost anywhere in the world.
Please email me at to find out more about this little heartbreaker... :0)

Bear hugs,


Lyn said...

Oh he is lovely - certainly a very cutie Panda and I love his face:o))
Take care and have a good day.
Big hugs Lyn x

Kays Kids said...

Well, well, you have a new look. He really is a heart breaker. I love him.

i_anosova said...

Expensive Monica as Romeo quickly was born! It is a little frightened by that ahead. And its love of acceptance waits! Tell to it that all will be good. It is necessary to remove its excitement! It very lovely!

Moz said...

Romeo, Romeo, wherefor art thou?
Why not perched in my hand right now?
Such sweet sorrow, that you are in Oz and in South Africa, is me, Moz.
He is adorable Mon, and yes, he has already stolen my heart!

Bobbybaer - The Blog said...

So sweet and great work as allways.

Sue said...

He has such an adorable expression. Wonderful work!

Patti's Paw Prints said...

Hubby's right ...he's a heart breaker LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!!!

Winklebears said...

What an adorable bear! Another attic treasure and I agree with Kays Kids - it's a new look for you. Beautiful! Well done.

Monica Spicer said...

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and numerous emails to let me know how handsome "Romeo" is.. :0)

I'm so happy that, even when I change my style, my creations still reach the hearts of so many people... :0)))

Romeo almost sold this morning, but somehow the lady who was going to adopt him, changed her mind and said she could not buy him.
Poor Romeo... he was so excited to fly to Singapore... and now he's not... :0(((
Maybe he has to turn up his charms and woo the right person who will surely love him back... :0)))

Love and hugs,

wesliane said...

I love that Romeo, how smooth and beautiful work