Saturday, 11 June 2011

A new look for "Lady Marianne"

Hello again... :0)

I've received quite a few comments about my 'Lady Marianne" pincushion, letting me know they all loved it, but that poor little Marianne's outfit and great looks were getting lost in such a busy ensemble (if you can't remember what she looked like, here's an early photo of her and her pincushion ensemble):

Well... I've decided to take her off that 'busy' scenery and make her a new tiny base, so she could show her great looks all by herself.. :0)
What do you think???

I have also added a tiny lace purse with gold trims and a black lace parasol to her accessories: 

If you'd like to see more photos of her and adoption price, please visit my website:

Bear hugs,


Kays Kids said...

Yes, Yes Mon, She looks far more stylish on her own. She is far too pretty to be the sewing maid. I know the sewing maid is not like the scullery maid, BUT!!!!!
She looks a perfect Dame.

Monica Spicer said...

Thank you Kay.... :0)
I never thought how much nicer she could look without all of the other clutter around her.
Hope everyone likes her as much as we do... :0)
Look after that back of yours!!!
Love and hugs,

Moz said...

Perfect Mon!
Another very elegant lady and beautifully dressed.
Luv her....

Monica Spicer said...

Thank you Moz.. :0)
I'm really happy with her, too... :0)
Love and hugs,

andi-bears said...

She is so cute, she has won my heart. ♥♥


Lyn said...

Perfect! So nicely done as always:o))
Take care and have a good weekend.
Big hugs Lyn x

i_anosova said...

The old mouse admiration! So the umbrella approaches its dress. The lady always carries an umbrella. Charmingly. Monica, the ragamuffin has climbed to me in soul. And without a key! Very nice boy!

i_anosova said...

Its marvelous small pads! It very gentle. The big love to it. Happy life, Lady Maryanna.