Monday, 6 June 2011

"Lady Bella Heartwell" is finished and ready to be adopted!!!

Well... here she is... Lady Bella Heartwell..!
What do you think of her?

She's all lady, measuring only 13cm or just over 5 inches tall (not counting her hat feather).
Made from long Sassy fur and only jointed at the arms.
Her face had been meticulously sculpted, trimmed and airbrushed.
She has tiny gold and pearl drop earrings and pearl with Swarovski crystal bead necklace.

She wears A tulle petticoat...

... a rosewood pink and black chantilly lace dress

...trimmed with rosewood and black silk ribbon, decorated with a gold and pearl tinny brooch at the front.

She also has a petite purse made from black silk material, cotton lace, a gold chain handle and an antique filigree trim.

Her hat has been made from black silk fabric, trimmed with rosewood pink silk ribbon, black spotted tulle, emu feathers and several silk and velved tiny flowers

She has the most beautiful long eyelashes

If you would like to know a little more about this dainty little victorian lady, please email me at

Bear hugs,


Patti's Paw Prints said...

She is so precious...certainly looks a Lady.
I never get tired admiring your creations, Bear Hugs Patti

Monica Spicer said...

Thank you Patti.... :0)
Love and hugs,

Moz said...

Mon, She is stunning and I love the name.... ;-)

Monica Spicer said...

Thank you Moz... :0)
Glad you liked her... !!
Love and hugs,

wesliane said...

elle est délicate et raffinée
j adore

Monica Spicer said...

Merci tellement...
Je suis si heureux que vous avez aimé ma Lady Ella

L'ours câline,