Monday, 13 June 2011

Presenting Ragamuffin

I've had a couple of bad days dealing with my internet server, as my email was blocked and I could not email or reply to anyone's email.
Apparently my server blocked me because their system thought I was sending spam. I have close to 600 customers, friends and family around the world, whom I have to notify whenever I have new patterns or creations to adopt. To make a story short, I might not be able to send notification emails from now on, so you'll have to check my blog or website more often to see if I have something new to offer.
Sorry about this... I'm now looking into changing servers and see if there's another company that will cater to my needs.

Jumping to another subject, I have been having fun with another little bear called "Ragamuffin":

Ragamuffin is about 23cm or 9 inches tall and made from very sparse vintage mohair fur.
Fully double jointed with discs and cotter pins. She's been filled with glass beads, garnet powder and polyester filling... her weight feels great.. :0)
She's been heavily sculpted and airbrushed to give her that sweet look on her face.
Ragamuffin wears a ruffled collar and a bouquet of velvet flowers on her head. She has a rusty old key and a tiny bronze fob watch around her neck... so she can count the minutes till she finds her new home and give her new owner the key to her heart... :0)))

Please visit my website to see more photos and find out her adoption price:


Kays Kids said...

Well it wont make any difference to me if you can't email me, I follow every thing you do on your blog, and looooove it.
You must be tearing your hair out Mon.
Ragamuffin's face is so adorable.

Monica Spicer said...

Hi Kay,

Thank you. Glad you liked my little Ragamuffin... :0)))

Email is working again, so you can still reach me at

I did tear my hair out for a while. The people from AAPT did the best they could to solve the problem for me ASAP... but for me it was an eternity...!

Let's hope I don't have this problem anymore.
Love and hugs,

Moz said...

I too 'follow' on your blog, so I won't miss out anything!
Ragamuffin is adorable. Beautiful facial features ~ perfection as only you can do it, Mon. Simply adorable - sorry said that before, but no other description suits her.........
Love the fob watch.
Many hugz

Lyn said...

Just adorable Monica! Take care and have a good day:o))
Big hugs Lyn x

Monica Spicer said...

Thank you Moz, thank you Lyn... :0)
I'm now working on a pattern... so keep your eyes on this space... !

Love and hugs,

Sue said...

I love the way you accessorise your bears. Just perfect!

wesliane said...

you still a marvel. each time it is a delight. magnificent