Saturday, 4 June 2011

Guess what I've been up to... :0)

Yep... I've been creating a new little bear!
First it was going to be a boy, but when I put it altogether I started thinking: 'elegant lady'.
Looking through my stash of laces, ribbons and fabrics, I came up with a nice combination of colours and textures... and so far this is the result. What do you think?

I still have to give her a few finishing touches here and there, but it's rather late here in Melbourne.... it's way pass my bedtime, so I'll leave you with these photos and hope to hear your comments soon... :0)
OH!!! I almost forgot...! If you come up with any good names for her I'd really appreciate it... :0)



Moz said...

Her name is Bella - she is definately an Elegant Lady and most worthy of the title. Beautiful outfit for an darling lady. Another stunning creation Mon.
Many hugz

Kays Kids said...

What a petite, stunning lady. Her
hat is beautiful and do tiny. You amaze, me!!!!!!

Monica Spicer said...

Hi Moz,
Thank you for your suggestion. I think 'Bella' suits her to a 't'... :0)))
How about 'Lady Bella of Heartwell'?
I always like to give them a full solid name, even if she's called by her given name afterwards. What do you think?
I should have her finished sometime tonight... watch this space!!
... and yes, I am looking after myself... :0)
I do only a little each day. I’m not over doing it... thank you for caring and looking after me... :0)
Much love and hugs,

Monica Spicer said...

Hi Kay,
So glad you like her... :0)
I'm hoping to finish her tody or tonight.
There's so many details I would like to add to her outfit... not to mention the many accessories I'm dreaming about!!
Last night I went to sleep thinking about the many possibilities and combinations.
Well... keep your eyes on this space. Sometime today she’ll be revealed...!

Hope you’ll have a wonderful day, full of bear making and without aches and pains.:0)
Love and hugs,