Monday, 20 June 2011

My little "Honey Bear"

Yes.. here I am again, showing you another creation, which I must say I'm thrilled to bits with it... :0)
His name is "Honey Bear", and of course, he has a small wooden pot of honey with him.... but you see... the pot is almost empty, and I know where the rest of it is... look at his tummy! Yep! He's quite full.. :0)))
But now he's looking for more, as he says: '... you can't ever have enough honey...!'

Well, maybe there's someone out there who would like to help Honey Bear to find more honey.
This precious little bear is ready now to be adopted, so if you'd like to get more information, see more photos and find out how to adopt him, please go to my website:

Hope to hear from you soon.
Bear hugs,


i_anosova said...

Monica, this charming Honey the Bear the big rascal! He has eaten the whole pot of honey. And a muzzle such innocence! It is magnificent!
Pleasure for it.

Moz said...

The greedy little soul ~ but who can blame him? Bears and honey is like women and chocolate!
Adorable little fella Mon.
I hope his bag is packed because it won't be long before he is on his way to his new hug! Probably will need a passport as well.
Keep 'em rolling Mon ~ your creations are always a pleasure to behold.
Many hugz

aphelion said...

cuuute :) and sweeet as honey...


Lyn said...

I am not surprised that you are thrilled with Honey Bear - I would be too because he is such a little cutie:o))
Take care and have a good week.
Big hugs Lyn xx

wesliane said...

this little greedy is delightful. I love her very mischievous. bravo another marvelous